Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the homepage of the PlasmoProtect Ltd! You can get some details about our activities, scientific efficiency. You can look into the activities of our associates, you can read about their research interests and publications.

The PlasmoProtect Ltd. is a spin-off company and is formed by the Szent István University and the private sector. The Plasmoprotect maintains the scientific studies of SZIU Plant Protection Institute. The Szent István University provides scientific background for our activities, and it is also the largest owner.

Our scientific activities are mainly in the fields of plant protection thus we work with the teaching and research staff of the SZIU Plant Protection Institute.

From 2016 we carry out different experiments: sunflower resistance tests, susceptibility tests of cereals and rape varieties. Susceptibility tests can be carried out in field, in greenhouse and in laboratory. Since the foundation (2012) we have established relationship with some multinational companies which produce and develop biopesticides and pesticides.

In 2016 our field experiments cover 9000 plot, where variety-, agrotechnical and resistance tests were carried out. Our company went through a dynamic development which based on our accurate research-work and we expect this can be also keptin the future. Based on our activities this is the beginning of a dynamic development of the company.

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Mihály Perczel Managing director